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Our Team

Shanna and Deena are two neighborhood women who have a passion for dogs.  Shanna always grew up with dogs from the time she was young and is currently the proud owner of two dogs, Lola & Miley.  Deena has done volunteering at shelters and dog rescues her whole life and currently has 2 dogs of her own, Sara and Lexie.  Their dream has always been to spend their days working full time with animals.

Who We Are: About


I have been a dog mom for 25 years.  My current dogs are Sara and Lexie. Sara is a 9 year old Hound/Collie mix. She is a rescue from a shelter in South Carolina.  Lexie is a 4 year old Terrior/Labrador mix and is also a rescue from the South.

Who We Are: About


I have been a dog mom for 20 years.  I have always had Shih Tzu and my oldest Shih Tzu lived until she was 21 years old only 4 months shy of the Guinness Book World Record.  Currently, I have a Shih Tzu named Miley who is 10 years old and a second Shih Tzu named Lola who is 4 years old. I actually received Lola from someone who needed to surrender her.  These dogs complete my family.

Who We Are: About
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